If you are someone who wants to explore BDSM, but the idea of pain gives you goosebumps, then a clitoris clamp is the perfect pick for you. Clitoris clamps aka clitoral jewelry can REALLY spice up your sex life and make you have deeper orgasms.

Let’s see how, shall we?


While these clitoris clamps might sound like tiny painful devices, they are one of the gazillion BDSM toys that give you a perfect concoction of pain and pleasure for great stimulation. Whether you are using it alone or with a partner, it’s a great tool to use during foreplay or while having sex.

So, how do they work?

The clitoris clamps give an individual the maximum pleasure by applying (pleasurable) pressure and stopping the blood flow to the clitoris, just like nipple clamps. As and when you remove the clamp, the blood rushes back into the clitoris, making the clitoris extra sensitive and finally resulting in an intense orgasm. 

The clitoris clamps are not only pleasurable but also provide constant stimulation that keeps on getting intense with the tiniest movements, resulting in a different (and amazing) level of pleasure!

Simply put, the clitoris clamps are used to heighten sexual pleasure by pinching and squeezing the clitoris. Sounds fun, right?

Are they painful?

In a single word, no. In case your clitoris clamp feels painful, it’s probably in the wrong spot or it’s too tight. You have to wear the clamp at the bottom of your clitoris for not more than 10 minutes. If you feel instant pain or numbness, remove the clamp as soon as possible.

How to use the clitoris clamp?

First things first, familiarize yourself with the mechanism of your specific clamp.

You should know about the intensity of pleasure/pain of the clitoris clamp beforehand. Try using it on your fingers, earlobes or any other sensitive area first, before actually using it on your clitoris. Go slow.

-Sakshi Shukla

There’s no doubt that lube reduces friction and the risk of injury during sexual activities. Therefore, use lube, but not too much.

Using a lot of lubrication would make the clitoral clamp slip off. So, a small amount of lube goes a long way.

-Akanksha Negi

Also, make sure to remove the clitoral clamp before the climax for maximum pleasure. 

Now that you know all about clitoral clamps, all you need to do is choose the right one for your pleasure and get started. From attached tweezers clamps to vibrating clamps, there are a number of clitoral clamps available in the market to pick from.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, keep the size, material and weight of your clitoral clamp in mind. 

Some clamps are two-in-one and can also act as both, nipple and clitoral clamp. It’s less-costlier and super fun!

-Sakshi Shukla

How cool, right?

Oh well, I can’t wait to shop one for myself as soon as possible!