Remember when we were just teenagers or young adults, how vulnerable we were to falling in love? How every small detail would make our hearts flutter with excitement whenever we'd see our crush.

No matter what cliche you belonged to in school or college, we all had our love story to tell, and the movies we related to. 

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Here are some movies that take me back to my teenage romance days:

1. A Cinderella Story

This movie is for every introvert girl who had the hots for the popular jock! Especially, if the jock was as hot and nice as August Ames. The Sam in me cries every time I watch the scene when he leaves his extremely important football game and runs to the girl to kiss her.

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2. The DUFF

No movie has potrayed the role of the not-so-popular girl with extremely popular friends than this movie! A lot of us can relate to that. This movie is for all the girls out there who didn't need to look 'pretty' like society wanted them to be and still find her Prince Charming.

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3. She's All That

Whoever grew up in the 90s knows what a heart throb Freddie Prinze Jr was! Even though this movie was the usual, 'popular boy makes bet to make dork girl prom queen', it was a delight to watch. The way his character falls in love with Rachel Leigh Cook's Laney is tear-jerking. And that kiss in the end! *Drools*

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4. The Edge Of Seventeen

This movie deals with a lot issues revolving around Nadine, who's a troubled girl. One of the things is about how she is dying for a bad boy to notice her. When he does, he turns out to be a complete douche. Of course! Don't worry, she finds the perfect fit for her in the end who treats her exactly like she's supposed to be treated. Now, only if that happened in real life too!

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5. The Princess Diaries

When this movie came out, every girl wanted to be a princess! I mean, who doesn't want the gowns and the tiaras! Ever had the hots for your best friend's cute brother? If you did, then you'd totally relate to Mia and Michael's cute romance. Even after she becomes a princess, she doesn't forget about all the times Michael saw her for who she was instead of how she looked like.


6. She's The Man

This movie was a barrel of laughs with the whole 'girl pretending to be boy' chaos. But what takes your mind off of everything is CHANNING TATUM! Ugh, if there's anything that gives me butterflies in my stomach, it's him! I would give away anything to be Viola for a day!

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 7. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

This movie was one of Bollywood's first introduction to teenage love and first heartbreaks. Pehla nasha pehle khumar still plays in my mind every time I develop a crush on someone.

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8. Rockford

When I watched this move, it reminded me of the times when I was a mere teenager in school, trying to get the attention of the boy I liked. It deals with how our peers play a role in making and breaking our love lives.

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9. Mujhse fraandship karoge

This movie was the perfect example of how we become completely someone else on social media, especially when it comes to talking to someone we are too shy to approach in person. It's a love story among four immature college students who just want to find the right one for themselves. Don't we all?

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10. 13 Going On 30

Jennifer Garner hilariously potrays the role of a clueless 13-year-old self who wakes up in her 30-year-old body one day! She realizes that due to her desire to be popular while growing up, she lost her best friend, Matt, played by Mark Ruffalo. This movie made me realize to never forget who my true friends are, especially for a petty thing like hanging out with the 'popular' crowd.

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11. The First Time

This movie is the perfect depiction of how one person is fantasizing about the wrong person and the other is in a useless relationship. Both the boy and girl meet randomly and strike a connection instantly, and realize how it feels like to fall in love for the first time. 

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12. Picture This

Overbearing parents? Cute boy to crush on but he has a girlfriend? These are problems all of us have gone through. But what usually doesn't happen in reality happened in this movie. Ashley Tisdale, a daughter of an overbearing father, is finally able to make him realize that she needs to be treated like a grown up and not a child. And she gets the guy. OBVIOUSLY! 

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13. Wild Child

A lot of went through a rebel phase when we were growing up. And a lot of us got punished for it too. This is the story of a girl who's sent away to a boarding school because she's a troublemaker. She falls in love with the headmistress's son which is strictly not allowed. Why must we always want what's forbidden?

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14. Kissing Booth

This movie has it all. Bad boys, bikes and kissing booths! What's not there to like?

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Now I should return to my forever alone life.