Fashion is one thing I never claim to know much about; but it doesn’t take a genius to tell that ‘grass-stained jeans’ for 56 thousand goes against all logic. 

Surprisingly, that’s not the only strange item on the list. Here are some bizarre fashion trends from 2020 for you. Please explain to me the logic behind these.

1. Inflatable balloon trousers. 

Designed by Harikrishnan for a show at the London College of Fashion, these trousers got a lot of media attention and raised a lot of questions. A lot. 

2. Grass-stained jeans by Gucci.

As if the fact that they are grass-stained isn’t bizarre enough, these jeans cost ₹56k. Ye sab mil ke humein pagal rahe hain.

3. Potato sack pants.

While we cannot verify the legitimacy of the claim that these pants actually exist, one wouldn’t rule out the possibility after grass-stained jeans and whatnot. Where did we go wrong as humans?

4. Baguette bag by Moschino.

See now, I am no one to question someone’s creativity, especially when it comes to fashion. But Baguette bag is where I ‘dough’ the line. Oh btw, they cost a little over ₹80k because why the f*ck not, right?

5. Distressed stockings by Gucci.

Listen up you rich people, stop entertaining all this nonsense all right? You buy these weird items for money that is half our salaries and then it becomes cool and all. If I had to wear torn stockings, I’d…tear them?

6. Upside down sunglasses by Gucci.

Koi sense hai iss baat ki? Gucci ko bohot lagi thi. They are selling these for ₹55,672 just in case you wanted to know how low we have stooped. Bizarre. 

7. Towel gown.

All of us, at some point in time, have practiced receiving an Oscar in the washroom. So this thing, while strange, is nice only. No? Okay.

Woman And Home

8. Fried chicken crocs.

Seriously, what the fuck? And please read the Crocs’ caption below, “Crocs that look like a bucket of fried chicken come to those who wait”. Literally, no one was waiting for this. They apparently smell like fried chicken too.

9. Three-toed sandals by Givenchy.

One-toed and no-toed sandals were just fine. Nothing was missing from our lives, everything was cool. So why? What is the point of these?

10. Arm warmer by Zara.

Apparently, this has been around for a while. This is the first time I am seeing it, though and I am confused. Why not cover the whole body? Well, maybe I am not fashionable enough to understand this but I want an answer as to why these cost ₹1.8k.

11. Watermelon bag by Tsuchiya Kaban.

It’s a designer bag that fulfills a very specific requirement of being able to nicely hold a watermelon. It’s made of leather and holds all of ONE watermelon. Don’t know how we were even living before this was made.

Why? Just why?