It’s been over two months since Bigg Boss 16 started premiering on our television screens. Since then, we have seen evictions, love triangles, the breaking of friendships, and even a wildcard entry. All in all, the season is proving to be high on entertainment and drama.

Bigg Boss 16

However, Bigg Boss is nothing without its infamous fights between housemates. These fights can get aggressive or even be as frivolous. This season follows suit. But there’s one common theme between all the fights, and that is food.

There have been numerous instances where Bigg Boss 16 contestants have fought over food. Here are eight such instances.

1. When Archana refused to eat chapatis made from stale dough and that led to Nimrit taking chapatis from everyone’s plates.

Archana Gautam is very particular about how she wants her food and how that food is cooked. In one of the episodes, Soundarya mistakenly made Archana’s share of chapatis from dough that was a day old. Archana created a ruckus over this. Soundarya asked the captain, Nimrit, to intervene and she took chapatis from Shiv’s plate for Archana while he was eating.

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2. When Gautam opted for captaincy and let go of the ration.

How can we forget that one intense week where Gautam Singh Vig chose being a captain over food? Gautam’s decision led to the housemates losing out on ration for a week. He ended up becoming the most hated contestant in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Sajid, Shiv, Gori, MC Stan, and Nimrit decided to go on a hunger strike. However, it’s a different issue that Bigg Boss gave them a secret pizza party later.

3. When Archana refused to share her cheeni ki roti with Priyanka and Ankit.

Archana often makes cheeni ki roti for herself in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta asked her to share a piece with them. Archana flat-out refused to share her food with her friends. Priyanka starts questioning their friendship and even tells her that she will be alone and miserable. She also said, “Tu akeli hi rahegi zindagi bhar, yeh meri dua hai. Jiske bhi ghar mein jaayegi, wahan kalesh karegi.”

Archana Gautam

4. When Gori was called a chor for sharing ration with Soundarya.

Sajid Khan lashed out at Gori Nagori for allegedly stealing food from their ration and giving it to Soundarya. Sajid told Gori, “Do teen din se dete jaa rahi hai, sab dekhte jaa raha hu mai. Tere akele ka room nahi hai woh.” The fight between them got intense as Shiv also joined the conversation. Sajid called her a thief.

5. When Tina took the vegan food that come for Soundarya.

In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar, Ankit revealed how Tina Datta ended up taking all the vegan ration that had come for Soundarya. While it is pretty evident that there is only one vegan contestant in the house, Tina defended her choice by saying that Soundarya could have simply asked her for it.

Soundarya Sharma Bigg Boss 16

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6. When Archana pocketed the ginger from the kitchen in her purse.

During the initial days of Bigg Boss 16, the contestants caught Archana stealing ginger from the kitchen. Archana being Archana defended her actions with the lamest excuse possible. Nimrit warned her to give it back or she would take it out of her belongings. It took the then-captain Gautam a lot of convincing and finally Archana returned the ginger.

Bigg Boss 16 Archana Gautam

7. When Priyanka argued about how she always ends up not getting enough food.

Priyanka accused Nimrit of eating more than the other contestants. She added that because of Nimrit, Ankit and her don’t get enough portions of food. Nimrit defended her stance and said that the quantity of food on her plate was quite less. Things went ugly between them with Nimrit calling out Priyanka for being “petty” and “cheap”. Nimrit also ended up abusing Priyanka. Later on, Priyanka lashed out at Ankit for not standing by her side.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary Bigg Boss 16

8. When Archana and Priyanka quarrelled over sugar.

Priyanka asks Archana for sugar. Archana refuses and tells her to get sugar from Tina. A fight breaks out between the three women despite the fact that sugar is common for all the contestants.

Even with all these incessant fights over food, Bigg Boss 16 continues to give us ample amounts of spice and drama. We can only wait and see what other food items the contestants end up fighting over.

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