When hormones are raging, there’s no telling when or where you would want to do ‘it’. While on most occasions, you might be able to hold on till you find a room, or at least a closet, what about the other times when all you might have is the tiny space in your car? 

Even if there’s a place nearby, if you calculate, taking into account the traffic, navigation, shooing away your friend and finding a condom, you can roughly assume that it would take you at least 45 minutes to an hour. And when your nether region is yelping for some action, would you be able to hold on for that long? We doubt. 

In times like these, you gotta do what you gotta do! And after the deed is done, you can always blame it on the raging hormones! So for times when your car becomes the rodeo, here are some crazy positions ranging from easy to nasty that you can try in a car. Check them out: 

1. Flatten out that passenger seat and…well, you can see the rest.

2. If the passenger seat ain’t your deal, you can always move the party to the back. 

3. Now you’ll have to adjust your body according to the space that’s available. While you’re seated on the back seat, your partner can do the rest to achieve this position. However, no harm in helping out. 

4. Push that passenger seat back, squeeze yourself in and see below for maneuvers. 

5. This one’s a bit tricky, but hey if you both want to, then why not? Your partner will have to lie face front on either the passenger seat or the back seat (whichever has more space). 

6. A fairly simple one, you can do this on the front seat as well. Beware of the horn, though. That nasty thing can surprise in such situations. 

7. While this allows for maximum reach for both, it can be a bit tricky to execute. But if done right, this will blow your mind! 

8. Quite a funny name, but looking at the position, you can imagine why, can’t you? Let your imagination run wild. 

9. You don’t have to necessarily lie down for this. You can sit and do this as well.

10. The most simple yet the most satisfying. 

11. Back seat or the front, you pick. 

12. Have your partner lie down on the back seat, and mount to seal the deal. 

13. Pretty simple, eh?

14. Well, everyone knows how it goes, right? 

15. All you got to do is find a flat surface (in this case, the passenger seat) and spread. 

16. Not the painful kind. Just the satisfying kind. 

17. You can swear by this every single time. 

18. You know what to do by now, don’t you? 

No need to get a room, guys. ‘Cause a car is all you need!

Sexy designs by Utkarsh Tyagi