Bigg Boss 16 has been entertaining us for the last fifteen years and this season is no different. The brand-new season of the show has just the right amount of drama and spice. The masaledaar snippets and promos of the upcoming episodes make us want to stay in the iconic house with the contestants. 

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There’s always too much going on in the show that it becomes a little hard to keep up with all events. Nevertheless, we are here to serve the recent highlights from the 11th episode of this season. Let’s go, shall we?

1. In continuation of the previous night, the episode starts with Sumbul apologising and making up MC Stan and Sajid. Later, Gautam, the new captain of the house, divides the house duties amongst the housemates.

2. When it was a new day along with new drama.

Just like every other morning, the housemates wake up to the alarm sound and sing the anthem in the garden area. Later, Sajid tells Shiv that he won’t apologise to Shalin now.

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3. When Gautam warned Soundarya about Shalin.

Gautam tells Soundarya that Shalin is trying to poke him through her. He also tells her that Shalin’s intentions are not good towards her so she should be a little careful.

4. When Gori was questioned about her education and upbringing.

Gori and Sreejita get into an argument over chapatis. Gautam asks Sumbul to hand over a fixed number of chapatis to each housemate so that no one goes hungry. Sreejita asks Gori not to wipe her hands in the kitchen as some of the housemates are eating there. Gori asks her to stay within her limits. MC Stan supports Gori and Gautam supports Sreejita.

5. When MC Stan and Shiv defended Gori.

MC Stan fights for Gori as housemates questioned her upbringing and education. MC Stan also confesses to Gautam that he felt really bad for Gori. Shiv also joined the conversation and claimed that Gori’s reaction was the result of Sreejita’s actions. Gautam tells everyone not to talk about anyone’s standards and not to go personal. He also tells the kitchen team to prepare the entire meal first, before serving any housemate.

6. When Shalin consoled and gave a piece of advice to Sumbul.

As Sumbul was feeling bad about the fights in the house, Shalin guides her not to pay attention to the housemates who speak ill of her as it will make her look weak. Sumbul, later, cries while hugging Shalin.

7. When Gautam had to take a tough decision.

Bigg Boss summons Gautam into the confession room and tells him that there are housemates from all backgrounds in his house and he wouldn’t tolerate any discrimination amongst them. Therefore, he asks him to nominate four housemates who started the entire ruckus. The new captain of the house nominates Gori, MC Stan, Sreejita and Tina Datta.

8. When Bigg Boss gave responsibilities to the nominated contestants.

Sajid confessed to Nimrit Kaur that there are two groups in the house: one consists of television stars and the other consists of non-television stars, including him. Next, Bigg Boss asks the four nominated contestants to divide the ration to each group, according to their rooms. While the four housemates divide the food items, Sajid and Abdu Rozik share a light-heart moment with each other by making some jokes.

9. When the drama wasn’t over yet.

Shalin tells Gautam that he’s the reason why he can never become a captain. Later, Gautam asks Archana not to make tea during the dinner preparations. The kitchen team, Soundarya, Tina and Sumbul, decides to stop working until Archana is done. Gautam angrily asks Archana not to go personal with him as she said, “koi maa ka laal mujhe nahi rok sakta.” Archana says that the team was cutting up the vegetables and not cooking. Tina seems to be pissed with MC Stan and Archana for their language. Nevertheless, Archana made her tea and poked Gautam by offering him a cup as well. Archana told Ankit that she wants to poke these people as she enjoys it.

10. When there was a ration division issue.

As the housemates were fighting over the less ration, Gautam reveals that there has been a division issue made by Gori. Gautam asked the kitchen team to ignore Gori and concentrate on their duties. Later, Gori is seen crying in the washroom, in front of Shiv and MC Stan, as some housemates called her a thief due to her division issue.

11. When Sajid called Abdu his ‘angel’ in the house.

Tina flirts with Abdu in the kitchen area. Soundarya tells MC Stan that she was expecting a hug from him as a friend, during the fight. She complains that Gautam and Shalin keep talking ill about each other. On the other hand, Shalin and Gautam talk and make it clear that they have no issues with each other.

12. When Abdu and MC Stan had a fun banter.

Abdu says that he loves Soundarya and hugs her. The episode ends on a happy note as the singer and the rapper engage in a fun banter while the other housemates enjoy their conversation.

This season looks like the best of all, what do you think?