Sometimes, taking a break from the bed and doing it on the couch can work wonders for your sex life. 

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The couch is actually pretty amazing for sex. 

It offers less space so there's more proximity and because the area is limited, it calls for major innovation in terms of movements. 

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If you haven't tried couch sex yet, do it right away!

And while you're at it, here are 11 sex positions that you can try on the couch:

1. Greasy Spoon

It's like the regular Spoon, just that one of her legs is resting on the top of the couch, making extra room for him to enter. 

2. Couch Canoodle

This looks way more difficult than it actually is. All she has to do is sit on his thighs and as he enters, arch her back and roll down, as much as she can. The arching of the back coupled with the pleasure makes for a wonderful sensation!

3. Kneeling

She's sitting on him, facing the other side and as he enters, he gets to play with her breasts too. A total win-win situation!

4. Alternative Wheelbarrow

It's basically a variation of the Reverse Cowgirl. As he sits upfront on the couch, she sits on top, her legs spread out, resting on the top edges of the couch. And slowly, as he enters, she comes down, using her arms for support. 

5. Couch Crunch

She's kneeling on the couch, holding it on the sides and he enters from behind, standing on the ground. There's no easier position for him to hit the right spot! 

6. Over The Line

She's bending on the armrest of the couch, lifting both her legs in the air, folded together. He's, of course, entering from behind, grabbing her hips, lending her support. 

7. All Stand

She's facing him, standing on the couch. And he's holding her legs, opening them enough and more as he enters her, at the perfect angle for maximum stimulation. 

8. The Sofa Brace

This is basically Doggy-Style, done on the couch, as the girl uses the armrest of the couch for added support. 

9. Backseat Driver

She sits on his lap, facing the other side and lets him do the rest. Though she gets to control the speed and intensity rather easily.

10. The Waterfall

All she has to do is sit on him as he hangs his legs on the top of the couch and once he's entered her, slowly bends backwards, all the way to the floor. 

11. Sofa Surprise

It's sort of like a Scissor, just done differently. He is on one knee and has got one of her legs on his thigh, making an easier inroad inside. 

Illustrations: Anmol Gambhir & Chhabi Parmar