Whether it is for making history of taking a stand, these desi heroes of 2019 have been in the media spotlight as they made desis all across the world proud: 

1. Reena Renna and Ladeeda Farzana

These two girls became the face of bravery amidst police brutality against students during the peaceful protests against CAA and NRC. They were seen fiercely protecting a young man, as he was dragged out of his house and baton charged by the police. 


2. Licypriya Kangujam

This 8-year-old environmentalist from Manipur is on a quest to save the world from the clutches of climate change. With her placards, she has been urging the Indian government to pass the climate change laws. 


3. Abhijeet Banerji

The Indian origin economist made all the desi’s proud as he was awarded with the Nobel Prize for his work on alleviating global poverty, this year.


4. Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardaman 

Our IAF hero safely returned home after he was kept captive by the Pakistani’s for 60 hours. The entire country saluted his bravery and celebrated his arrival.  Wing Commander Abhiandan was awarded the Vir Chakra and became the most searched personality on Googe this year. 


5. Mahua Moitra 

Trinamool Congress MP, Mahua Moitra’s fierce speech in the parliament about the importance of the voice of dissent in a democratic state resonated with various people. With her facts and figures, she brought the ruling party under scrutiny. 


6. Ravish Kumar 

The well-deserved recipient of Asia’s highest honour– The Ramon Magsaysay Award is one of the only unbiased, trustworthy journalists who’s famous for calling a spade a spade and voicing janta’s opinion.


7. Flight Lieutenant Bhawana Kanth

This Indian Air Force Officer became the first female daytime Indian fighter pilot. The first of many female fighter pilots, Flight Lt. Kanth has inspired a generation of young girls to join the forces. 

New Delhi Times

8. Menaka Guruswamy & Arundhati Katju

The double-trouble crusaders who created history by fighting the case that decriminalised homosexuality in India have made us believe in ‘Love Is Love’. This duo gave us major power couple goals when they announced that they were together. 


9. Lilly Singh

This desi girl has made history this year by being the first female comedian to have a late-night show of her own. The leading lady of comedy is truly an inspiration for women across the globe. 


10. Rocket Women of India– M. Vanitha and Ritu Karidhal

The Chandrayaan duo and the rocket women of India M. Vanitha and Ritu Karidhal have fueled India’s success literally to the moon.  


11. K. Sivan

The ISRO Chief who put India on the world map, and indeed, the space by running several successful missions, including Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan.


12. Dutee Chand 

The first openly gay Indian athlete with all her achievements and her flash-like performance on the tracks has truly stolen our hearts. Dutee’s efforts to use her social standing as a means to spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community is truly inspiring. 


13. Kunal Kamra 

The bold comedian who’s exercising his freedom of speech to ask the right questions with a side of his satirical observations. The man with no fears has told us how to never be afraid of those in power.


14. Mary Kom

The Olympic level boxer made history by being the ONLY BOXER in the world to win wight World Championship medals.  


15. Narayan Reddy 

The famous YouTuber and the mastermind behind Grandpa’s Kitchen who cooked for underprivileged children and orphans, took his last breath this year. 


16. Hima Das

From donating half her salary to Assam’s flood relief to winning three gold medals in less than two weeks, Hima Das has made us more than proud.


17. Siddharth 

From blessing us with his presence on screen with Leila to freely speaking his mind about the ongoing protests against CAA and NRC without thinking about public scrutiny, this man is the true influencer.  

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18. PV Sindhu 

As this badminton ace becomes the first Indian to win BWF World Championship, PV Sindhu has proved to be India’s national treasure of our country as she’s made history. 


19. Sona Mohapatra 

By making the gutsy step and calling out Sony Entertainment television for hiring a former Me-Too accused as a judge, Sona has shown Bollywood the true essence of feminism.


20. Faye D’Souza

Whether it is voicing her opinions or fearlessly questioning the government about issues like women’s safety, with her wit and humour Faye voices the concerns of millions of Indians. 


21. GS Laxmi 

The right handed-batswoman became the first woman to be appointed as a referee by ICC, setting an example for the younger generation of women and making us very proud.