Before we get into how women offend the entire world, let’s take note of things we shouldn’t (can’t) do. Wearing our choice of clothes, being happy, having an opinion, liking our bodies — these are some things that are out of bounds among others. Knowing that the society is vain, and has all the time to judge every possible move of a woman, it’s our mistake that we continue to live our lives on our own terms. 

While women make personal choices, that only affect their lives, the world keeps finding ways to get offended. At this point, it looks like it’s a hobby — to leave everything and hate on people, requires a will to do it. 

Here are just some instances of people being offended by women being themselves.

1. Professor who was forced to resign for posting her picture in a swimsuit. 

A woman posts a picture in her own time, on her personal account, in her choice of clothes, and THAT, not the son creeping on the teacher is what offended his father and university. And so much so, that they forced her to resign. So basically, skin-show is so controversial when it comes to women that we need to cover up, to protect our jobs. 

2. Alia Bhatt trolled for not looking married enough.

People were literally offended that the actor didn’t wear sindoor or choodiyan post getting married. Why do we have the time to focus on these details? Not that it’s any of our business to judge someone for not ‘looking’ a certain way, but it’s borderline creepy that we actually follow up on these details. I mean, just because she’s a public figure, everyone seems to think that they’re a saas out of an Ekta Kapoor TV show.


3. Woman who was fired for asking a male colleague to stop interrupting.

Not that we have equal or enough opportunities, now we have to worry about what we wear (outside of work) or say to keep a job. Janneke Parrish had tweeted about how she was fired for being ‘rude’ to a male colleague. And all she did was tell him to stop interrupting her while she was in a meeting. Because, how can women have an opinion?

4. When Mandira Bedi was shamed for not being ‘sad enough’ after her husband’s death. 

Criticizing women at all times is such a hobby that we even miss out on basic sensitivity. She already had to go through a very hard time of dealing with loss, which of course is unimaginable. And like that wasn’t enough, people went on to shame her for going on a vacation. Or having fun. Or being happy, for that matter. We hit a new low every day as a society. 

5. Gynaec who sexually-shamed a patient during Endometriosis consultation.

A woman went in for a consultation regarding symptoms of endometriosis, and given that she was unmarried, the gynaecologist belittled her for being sexually active and masturbating. She further crossed the line by telling her mother about her ‘suspicion’ of the patient ‘using fingers’. Good lord, are we safe anywhere? 

6. Mukesh Khanna AKA Shaktiman shaming women for wanting sex.

Our bodies are not ours, because we cannot choose what we cover them with, and we definitely cannot associate them with pleasure. In a YouTube video, our OG so-called superhero made a statement that if a woman wants sex then she is running a dhanda. Because yes, procreation is the only purpose of having sex, at least according to him. 

7. When Aamir Khan’s daughter was trolled for wearing a bikini in front of her father.

Calling her the worst influence on the ‘woke generation’, someone commented on how Ira wearing a bikini in front of Aamir Khan ruined our culture. Not that her father or any father should have an opinion on what the daughter wears, but why was this guy (and many others) offended by it, when they were happy? Men roam around bare-chested all the time, but no one bats an eye. And THIS is ‘indecent’. 

People, do one thing, also start limiting the amount of air we take in. Jeene toh vaise bhi nahi de rahe.