Time and again, dogs have proven to be the most loyal companions humans could ever have. And, some canines go out of their way to look out for their humans and touch our hearts. Take these instances for example. 

1. A dog named Kuvi waited for her humans and frantically searched for them during the Munnar landslide. 

This dog waited for days in search of her humans amidst the debris, during the Kerala landslide. She also helped the rescue team in finding her 2-year-old playmate, Dhanuska’s body. Her heartbreaking story made everyone weep but, thankfully she was adopted by Ajith Madhavan, a trainer with the Kerala Police Dog Squad who managed to earn her trust. 


2. Rocky the service dog who died, helped Maharashtra cops solve 365 cases. 

Rocky was a service dog who helped the Maharashtra cops in solving over 365 cases. He was a brave and loyal canine who served the authorities and the people of his country with love and honour but, unfortunately he is no more. However, his contribution can never be forgotten. Even police officials paid their last respects by giving him a farewell. 


3. Simba, the pit bull saved his neighbour’s life who was scared of him. 

An elderly woman who was initially scared of Simba was saved by him in Sweden. One day, the pit bull ran to his neighbour’s door and started barking. On closer inspection, Arjanit, Simba’s human could hear his neighbour’s cry for help who had collapsed on the floor and ended up with a broken hip. The dog’s quick response and alertness saved the elderly woman’s life. 


4. Heroic dog gives up his life while protecting his master from a tiger in Uttar Pradesh. 

4-year-old Jacky, who lived with a farmer in Barbatpur village near Dudhwa National Park in UP saved Gurdev Singh, his human by attacking a tiger that was approaching their farmland from a nearby forest. Jacky fought like a warrior to save his human but, unfortunately died in the process. 

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5. A dog waited 3 months for his owner who died of Covid-19 in China. 

This adorable 7-year-old dog waited patiently for 3 months to catch a glimpse of its owner who was being treated for coronavirus at the Wuhan Taikang Hospital. Sadly, the dog’s human passed away within 5 days of reaching the hospital but, the dog kept waiting at the hospital lobby in a hope to reunite with his family. 


6. This dog died 15 mins after his owner passed away due to cancer. 

In a heartbreaking incident Nero, a dog, who shared a special bond with his 25-year-old human friend died 15 minutes after Stuart Hutchison lost a long battle with cancer. Nero passed away due to shock.


7. A 8-month-old pit bull sacrificed himself while protecting kids from a poisonous snake.

Zeus, a loyal pit bull sacrificed his own life to protect his human’s kids from a poisonous snake. Zeus fought like a hero and sustained snake bites after fighting and killing a coral snake.


8. This dog died after saving his human parents from a Cobra. 

Mouli, a dachshund, gave up his life while protecting his human from a deadly cobra in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. The heroic dog fought with the Cobra all by himself for about half an hour, eventually killing the venomous snake. But in the process, the dog got bitten by the snake during the fight and breathed his last soon after.

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9. A Doberman died after saving his human family from 4 poisonous snakes. 

Dibakar Raita’s Doberman lost his life while saving his human and his family from 4 poisonous mountain snakes. A bloody brawl ensued between the dog and the snakes as they tried to sneak into the house but, the dog was at guard on the patio. He battled the snakes, bit them, got stung and came out of the battle victorious. But, unfortunately, he lost his life in the process. 

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10. This lost dog waited for his humans for 4 years at the same spot.

Leo, a lost dog waited for his humans to return, at the same spot, for 4 long years in Thailand. A concerned local woman named Saowalak heavily advertised Leo’s photos in search of his humans and finally, a family, who lost their dog 4 years ago, contacted the woman after stumbling upon his posters. 


Loyalty and endless love, that’s how we know dogs.