If you want to watch something fun and full of drama, Bigg Boss 16 might just be the right pick for you. From fights and romance to a bucket full of entertaining contestants, you get it all on the show. 

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If you missed the show tonight, we have compiled a list of the most interesting moments from the episode today. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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1. Priyanka seems upset with her duties and gets into an argument with Nimrit

The kitchen of Bigg Boss looks like a feud spot for everyone. The morning started with an argument between Priyanka and Nimrit. It heated up so much that Nimrit called Priyanka self-obsessed and asked her to shut up.

2. MC Stan is sad and might be missing home

Since the last episode, Stan looked sad and upset on the show. Abdu tries to talk to him and gives him a warm hug. It is the most awesome moment of the day.

3. Tina and Abdu have the cutest conversation

Abdu is the heart of the show, and janta loves him too. Tina and Abdu engage in a cute conversation at the dining table. They say ‘I love you’ to each other while we see Shalin giving them a look and asking what’s going on.

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4. Archana and Manya get into a massive fight!

The two are fighting over vegetables or rather, avocados. Manya asks Archana to stop invading her personal space and get out of her room.

5. Archana-Gori-Priyanka turns the kitchen into a battleground

Things turn bad for Archana as she gets into a verbal spat with Gori. Priyanka steps in to help her friend Archana. However, this fight goes out of control as they start splashing water at each other.

6. The contestants are unhappy as the fight turns into physical violence

What happened between Gori and Archana disturbed everyone in the house. Nimrit strongly called out the fight and spoke to captain Shiv about it.

7. Sumbul and Manya are the least participating contestants in the Bigg Boss house

If you think everyone in the house is entertaining, you might be wrong. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to name the least participating contestants and give them a task. Tina and Shalin tried to talk to Sumbul but she is adamant about going home.

8. The Bigg Boss express task was the Bollywood circus

To switch rooms between the contestants, Bigg boss gave housemates a task. They had to recreate scenes from the SRK movie and find a roommate for them. It turned out to be a fun ride as every contestant in the house played well.

9. The Bigg Boss game might have built walls between Tina and Shalin

Shalin and Tina had a cold war during the BB express task and things might change now.

10. The housemates are now discussing dirty politics in the game

The task has every contestant in the house a reality check and how they should play the game ahead. They’re discussing the wise strategy Shiv applied.

It was a dramatic episode today, and we look forward to more entertainment in the Bigg boss house.

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