From romance to rivalries to heartwarming friendships, Bigg Boss 16 offers all this and much more. The Bigg Boss house is known for its surprising twists and turns, and this season is no exception.

A lot of things happened in the Bigg Boss 16 house tonight and it’s understandable that keeping up with all these developments can get difficult. Fret not, we have compiled all the best moments. Read on to find out about the main highlights from the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss 16

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1. Abdu is the entertainer in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Tonight’s episode saw Abdu in his best form. Hands down, Bigg Boss should declare him as the Entertainer Of The House. Be it teasing Tina, or participating fairly in the task, Abdu Rozik does it all gracefully.

2. Archana and Priyanka have a fight.

It started with the cleaning of the utensils. Priyanka stated how things cannot always go the way Archana wants them to. Priyanka storms off the kitchen and stops making rotis.

Bigg Boss 16 highlights

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3. The Hostel activity.

Bigg Boss planned an activity for the distribution of the ration. The contestants are divided into two hostels – the girl’s hostel and the boy’s hostel. Archana acts as the strict warden, while Sajid acts as the security guard.

4. Shalin is declared the winner of the bodybuilding contest.

Sajid declared Shalin Bhanot as the winner of the task. As the winner, Shalin could choose any item from the ration. He chose rajma.

5. The warden and security guard take matters into their own hand.

As there was no winner in the hostel activity, Bigg Boss allows Sajid and Archana to take matters into their own hands. They allot the contestants their new rooms and distribute the ration among all contestants.

6. Bigg Boss gives a new task.

The women had to fetch compliments from men. The one who got the most compliments would win the hamper. Nimrit won the task and got the hamper for herself.

7. Things go south between Tina and Shalin.

Tina is angry and sad that she had to beg and ask Shalin to compliment her. She breaks down in the bathroom and Nimrit consoles her. Shalin stated that he was just playing by the rules of the game and that Tina should not have expected this from him.

8. Gautam and Nimrit resolve their fight.

Gautam Vig and Nimrit had a heated argument in the last episode after Nimrit gave up the ration and allowed Shiv to run the captaincy race. However, today we saw both of them having a mature discussion about what happened yesterday. Both of them apologized to each other and their friendship stood solid.

Phew! A lot happened in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16.

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