India’s growing list of commendable web series has made the Best Indian Web Series the most read IMDb list with around 3.5 million views. So if you consider yourself a web series fanatic, be sure to check these top 10 rated ones off your watch list. 

1. TVF Pitchers (9.2)

The story of every millennial, Pitchers perfectly captured the feeling of entering the big bad world of business as a start-up. 

best hindi web series

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2. Flames (9.2)

This adorable teenage romance between two people who meet at a tuition centre makes for perfect light viewing on a weekend indoors. 

best hindi web series
Indian Express

3. Kota Factory (9.1)

This show, shot entirely in black and white, highlights the obstacles IIT-JEE aspirants often face, along with a glimpse into their daily lives. 

best hindi web series
The Digital Hash

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4. College Romance (9) 

Three best friends live through the best years of their lives in this show, which is obviously sprinkled with some hilarious drama. 

best hindi web series
TVF Play

5. ImMATURE (8.9) 

Centred around the lives of three school kids, this show will make you nostalgic about your first crush, bunking classes and everything in between. 

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best hindi web series

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6. Panchayat (8.8)

This hilarious web series follows the story of an engineer who is forced to become the secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh. 

best hindi web series
Prime Video

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7. Sacred Games (8.7) 

A Netflix original, this multi-starrer web series is set in the grim underworld of Mumbai and follows the journey of a police officer who is hell-bent on uncovering the truth. 

best hindi web series
DNA India

8. The Family Man (8.6)

An action-drama web series, The Family Man tells the story of a middle-class man who doubles as a special agent without the knowledge of his family. 

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best hindi web series

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9. Special OPS (8.6)

This spy thriller is based on several terrorist attacks that the Indian intelligence has dealt with in the last 2 decades. 

best hindi web series
Indian Express

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10. Hostel Daze (8.6)

A sneak-peek into the lives of engineering students and what ‘really’ goes on inside the hostels of these Indian colleges. 

best hindi web series
Rolling Stone India

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