There are times when you visit a bar and you want to try fancy cocktails. But here’s the catch. The taste of alcohol really puts you off and that makes choosing your drink a tough job. Believe it or not, you are not alone. We found a Reddit thread where women discussed the drinks they order at the bar when they don’t want to taste the alcohol in their drinks. The answers prove that there is a world beyond whiskey and scotch!

Here are 13 drinks you can try at the bar at the next happy hour if you don’t want an overpowering taste of alcohol. Let’s get the party started. Shall we?

1. “Anything with a lot of juice. But I find drinks with vodka or rum tend to blend the best. Anything with ‘martini’ in it is probably too much vodka, though. So try a mai tai or a cosmo.” – CatrionaShadowleaf

2. “Malibu rum with pineapple juice. It is sweet, you can’t taste the rum.” – Ember357

3. “Maybe a seltzer? Easy to drink, IMO. If you don’t like drinking you can order a club soda with lime and people will think you’re drinking a gin and tonic or vodka soda. I do it a lot because sometimes I just don’t want to drink LMAO.” – limeblue31

4. “I find anything with gin tastes like there’s no alcohol. Have a mocktail or there are some really good alcohol-free beers.” – redhead_bedhead_25

5. “Amaretto sour was always my go-to when I first started drinking and hated the taste of alcohol.” – cujo000

6. “Pineapple upside-down cake! You can get it as a drink or a shot. It’s pineapple juice, vanilla vodka and grenadine.” – MishMc98

7. “Anything with pineapple juice. It really hides the alcohol. Anything blended or frozen is going to be 95% sugar and ice. If you want strong but not alcohol-tasting, order a Long Island. Just be warned, they are actually full of alcohol.” – mostlikelynotasnail

Alcohol in LIIT
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8. “Vodka with orange juice. It’s called a screwdriver.” – Volcanic_orange

9. “Back when I used to actually go out to bars, I ordered kamikazes. Vodka, orange liqueur, and lime juice. I’ve seen it served as a shot but also as a cocktail, topped off with Sprite or 7 Up. Be careful though, they’ll get you hammered very fast.” – unscrewthestars

Alcohol shots
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10. “I like to get a Tom Collins. It’s basically Sprite with a sprig of gin. You can also switch gin for vodka.” – throwaway00009000000

11. “Blue Lagoon is always my go-to for something sweet, or blueberry vodka with lemonade. It tastes like a white gummy bear.” – urbanlulu

12. “There are three, in my opinion. Each is prosecco with different juices. They’re really diluted and taste amazing, honestly. Just juice, that’s a bit sparkling. Bellini, Mimosa and Rossini. They feel very ‘feminine’ too (pass me the term, they are colourful and not really alcoholic).” – Small-Perception-779

13. “Mojitos!” – Supercc

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