This year has been quite eventful, to say the least. Be it the anti-CAA protests, the pandemic, the nation-wide lockdown, the migrant crisis or the farmers protests, people from all walks of life, backgrounds and communities have proved to us, again and again, that there’s nothing above and beyond religious harmony, unity and brotherhood. Take these instances for example. 

1. Muslims set up Langar for protesting Sikh farmers.

Setting the right example of solidarity, recently Muslims organised Langar for protesting farmers in Punjab’s Malerkotla on 26th September. They set up camps with free food near the protesting sites in various parts of the state.

2. Members of the Khalsa Aid provided food and refreshments to farmers protesting in Punjab. 

In a kind gesture, volunteers from Khalsa Aid distributed food and water to farmers who were protesting against the Agri-Bills in Punjab. The NGO set up a makeshift kitchen to make meals for over 15,000 farmers. The organisation has also been providing Langar to the farmers in Mansa, Jalandhar, Barnala and Shambu.

3. The Sikh community sanitised the Jama Masjid ahead of Eid.

Volunteers of the Sikh community sanitised the Jama Masjid ahead of Eid celebrations this year. They were thanked by the authorities of the mosque for their kind and selfless gesture that won everyone’s heart. They were also lauded for their secular beliefs that are the core of India’s value system.

4. Muslims formed a human chain in front of a temple during Bengaluru violence. 

Amid all the chaos, during the violence in Bengaluru that took place in August, a group of Muslims formed a human chain in front of a temple to protect it from the mob, who were hell bent on entering the temple premises. This brave gesture of theirs, in turn, became a message of harmony and brotherhood. 

5. During CAA protests, Hindus and Sikhs formed a human chain to protect Muslims who were reading namaz. 

In a show of unity, Hindus and Sikhs came together to shield Muslims who were reading namaz during the anti-CAA protests that were taking place in the national capital. 

6. Vaishno Devi Shrine served iftari to quarantined Muslims during Ramazan. 

In a humanitarian gesture, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine served sehri and iftari to around 500 quarantined Muslims at Aashirwad Bhawan in Katra during the holy month of Ramadan. The board members of the shrine decided to do this as many Muslims couldn’t make it home to celebrate Ramadan with their family members due to the lockdown and the ongoing pandemic. 

7. A Gurudwara in Punjab served stranded Madrasa students with food and water during the lockdown. 

Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib in Malerkotla, Punjab offered Madrasa students, who were stuck there after the imposition of the lockdown, with food. After hearing about the challenges the students were facing, the Gurdwara committee decided to take up the responsibility to feed them. 

8. A Hindu family prepared iftari for Kashmiri Muslims stuck in West Bengal during the lockdown. 

In a loving gesture, a Hindu family prepared iftari for two Kashmiri Muslims who were starnded in West Bengal during the lockdown.

9. Imrana Saifi, a Muslim woman sanitised temples and mosques amid the pandemic during the month of Ramzan. 

In a bid to uphold the secular culture of India, Saifi sanitised temples and mosques while she was fasting during the month of Ramzan. With a sanitiser tank in her hand, Saifi went from one worship place to another to disinfect them from the virus. 

10. In remembrance of his best friend, a Hindu man performed ‘Tarpan’ for his Muslim friend who died 3 years ago. 

Pandit Ram Naresh Dubey from MP paid tribute to his long time Muslim friend, Syed Wahid Ali by performing Tarpan-  a Hindu practice where we remember our ancestors through special prayers during Pitrupaksha puja. Pandit Ram performed Tarpan for his late best friend’s soul to be in peace and so that they could be born as friends again.

11. Muslim men performed last rites of a Hindu man as his relatives couldn’t make it to the funeral on time during the lockdown. 

After 48-year-old Ravi Shanker died of cancer in Bulandshahr, his Muslim neighbours came forward to perform his last rites as his family couldn’t make it for the funeral due to the lockdown.

12. Dev Kumar from Assam kept 13 Muslim migrant workers from Bihar in his house, during the lockdown. 

Dev gave shelter to 13 Muslim migrant workers in his house so that they could peacefully celebrate Ramzan. 

This is the true spirit of India! There is still hope.