The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed life as we knew it and mostly for the worse. The increasing fatalities, the constant fear, the falling economy – it seems like we are living our worst nightmare.

However, there is one thing giving us hope. It’s the kindness and empathy people are showing towards each other. Here we have compiled some of those instances.

1. Fully covered in protective gear, nurses at AIIMS Raipur took care of a 3-month-old baby after his mother tested positive for coronavirus. 

2. To help needy and homeless, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib took it upon itself to serve 40,000 meals every day.

3. In a touching gesture, S Kumaraswamy, Head Constable from Bengaluru, travelled 430 kilometers on his bike to deliver medicines to cancer patient.

4. Showing a great deal of maturity, a 4-year-old kid from Vijayawada donated ₹971 which he had saved for buying a bicycle for himself.


5. A taxi driver in Spain was dropping people off to a hospital without charging any money. To express gratitude, the staff gave him a round of applause and some money too.

6. A mosque in Mumbai’s Sakinaka provided meals to 800 unemployed laborers struggling due to the lockdown.

7. Taking care of strays is our duty and this police officer performed the same by feeding a banana to an amputee monkey.

8. To express gratitude for being given food and shelter, migrant workers painted a school in Rajasthan.

9. A CRPF jawaan who was on official leave, distributed dry ration to the people in his village with his own savings.

10. 2 brothers from Kolar in Karnataka, sold their land to raise money for feeding people who have been rendered jobless due to the lockdown.

11. A father, unable to throw a birthday party for his kid, requested people to wish him so that he can mark countries on the map based on people’s nationalities. 35k people retweeted the post, 107k replied on it.

12. People in Naples, Italy, hung ‘supportive baskets’ for those homeless who might need something.

13. A landlord in Japan gave all his tenants 20,000 Yen (INR 14271K) to help them survive these tough times. The letter read: 

We’re entering a nice season now, but I understand the days are difficult due to the coronavirus. While it’s not much, the landlord would like to show their concern by giving all tenants 20,000 yen [US$186]. Therefore, for the month of May, please deduct 20,000 yen from your monthly transfer for rent. I sincerely hope the state of emergency will pass without incident. I am praying for everyone’s health.

14. Drishti marine lifeguards in Goa took it upon themselves to feed stray animals across beaches as they were dependent on treats from tourists.

15. When relatives of a Hindu man couldn’t make it for his last rites, Muslim neighbours performed the rituals.

Truly, looking out for each other is our best shot at overcoming this crisis.