Picture this: You and your partner had the best sex, and you are lying down on the bed with them. But have you ever given a thought to how you feel post-sex?

Yup, I am talking about those feelings that pop into your head after sex. And it’s different for men and women. People on Reddit are sharing their post-sex feelings and it’s surely worth a read! 

1. “Are men not as vulnerable to this oxytocin rush? Only if they had a feeling for her beforehand as well. Generally, sex alone does nothing for guys. Oxytocin, female-orgasm are quite different from men’s systems. A man’s default programming is to get away by default, and the sex alone is not enough.”


2. “I feel incredibly connected and emotionally attached with my girlfriend after I’ve had sex. I have slight trouble at feeling this emotional closeness during the act of sex itself — my feelings tend to be all physical. After orgasm, though, I could cuddle for hours!”


3. “Once I cum I want to be left alone. This isn’t a broish response to mean. It’s just there’s a brief period after an orgasm where I just want to not interact with anyone. I don’t mind cuddling and stuff, just not right after sex.”


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4. “Men get a rush of oxytocin too. Obviously, there is more to feelings than just that one hormone.”


5. “If it’s a girl I like, I get closer. If it’s a girl I don’t, I’m no longer horny and have no more reason for interest in her, so yeah I detach a bit.”


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6. “It depends on the person and how I feel about them and the intimacy that I share. If it’s purely a hook-up and only for the act of cumming, I generally want to get the fuck out of that situation as soon as possible. Because it’s nothing but awkwardness afterwards. But if it’s someone I generally care about and am intimate with, then I do want to be around that person and cuddle and talk or whatever.”


7. “I like post-sex cuddling too, but mostly because chilling with a naked woman in my arm is pretty cool. I just feel relaxed, kind of refreshed, like a weight has gone from my shoulders.”


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8. “Sex has never made me feel more fond of someone. I mean, I’ve never slept with someone that I didn’t like. But the character of my feelings for the person didn’t change after sex. If I was in love with them before, I still was after; but if I wasn’t before, I wasn’t after either.”


9. “This depends on the person. Lots of men can have sex and not feel connected to the woman at all. I’m one of these guys. Love and sex do not share an apartment together.”


10. “It depends entirely on the girl. If I have cuddly chemistry with her already, as in we both enjoy it outside the bed as well, then I love cuddling. Having a girl resting her head on my chest is one of the best feelings in the world, but only if I like her. With casual sex it’s different. I can still enjoy a good cuddle but I’ll probably want to get up unless it’s time to sleep. Also, I’m more likely to get annoyed by small things like if she smells bad or I’m positioned uncomfortably. Those things don’t matter if I like the girl.”


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11. “It’s the male refractory period. After sex, everything is no longer sexy. Happens with masturbation a lot.”


12. “We develop coping mechanisms so we can get on with the rest of our lives, but that voice is a constant presence throughout the day. There’s only one way to get it to shut the fuck up an orgasm. For a few precious post-climax hours there’s one less source of stress in our lives. What we do after sex has nothing to do with getting away from the girl. It’s our reaction to the temporary lifting of a heavy burden.”


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