55 Best Romantic Christmas Movies To Warm Your Heart

Vidushi Gupta

Hey There, Movie Buffs and Christmas Lovers! Picture this: twinkling Christmas lights, feeling warm in cozy blankets, the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and a cinematic sleigh ride through the most heartwarming, mistletoe-filled romantic tales that capture the true essence of the festive season. Sounds like a fairy tale, right?


What if I tell you that you can live this fairytale-like moment, which you are daydreaming about right now? Well, We’ve put together a list of the good Christmas romance movies just for you. These romance Xmas movies are like a warm, fuzzy hug amidst the wintry chill, filled with love, laughter, and magical moments.

Sr. noMovie Name & YearIMDb Rating
1.It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)8.6
2.Titanic (1997)7
3.Forrest Gump (1994)8.8
4.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)8.3
5.The Princess Bride (1987)8
6.Before Sunrise (1995)8.1
7.Before Sunset (2004)8.1
8.The Notebook (2004)7.8
9.Veer Zaara (2004)7.8
10.Pride & Prejudice (2005)7.8
11.The Family Stone (2005)6.3
12.The Holiday (2006)6.9
13.Holiday Inn (1942)7.3
14.Love Actually (2003)7.6
15.White Christmas (1954)7.6
16.Miracle on 34th Street (1947)7.9
17.Christmas In The Clouds (2001)6.4
18.Holiday Affair (1949)7.1
19.Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008)7.4
20.Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)7.2
21.Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018)7.1
22.Namastey London (2007)7.1
23.Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (2017)7.2
24.Rocky aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani (2023)6.7
25.Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)7.9
26.Dear Frankie (2004)7.7
27.Moonrise Kingdom (2012)7.8
28.The Lunchbox (2013)7.8
29.Shall We Dance (1996)7.7
30.Stardust (2007)7.6
31.Sense and Sensibility (1995)7.7
32. When Harry Met Sally (1989)7.7
33.Secret (1999) 7.6
34.The Reader (2008)7.6
35.Devdas (2002)7.5
36.Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015)6.7
37.Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)6.7
38.Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016)5.8
39.Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela (2013)6.4
40.Tere Naam (2003)7.2
41.Aashiqui 2 (2013)7
42.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)7.5
43.October (2018)7.5
44.Mohabbatein (2000)7
45.Bajirao Mastani (2015)7.2
46.Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (2006)6
47.Sita Raman (2022)8.6
48.Half Girlfriend (2017)4.6
49.Tamasha (2015)7.3
50.Saajan (1991)7.2
51.The Fault In Our Stars (2014)7.7
52.Jab We Met (2007)7.9
53.Dil Se… (1998)7.5
54.Ek Villain (2014)6.6
55.Khuda Gawah (1992)6.5

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Get ready to feel the holiday magic in these enchanting cinematic treasures which are nothing but pure love. These Christmas movies with romance will sprinkle a touch of love and warmth in your la-la land.

1. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)


George Bailey, a frustrated businessman contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve, but an angel Clarence sent to him. She shows his worth of existence and shows him the positive impact he has made on his family, friends, and community.

2. Titanic (1997)


Rose, a young aristocrat is engaged to an affluent but abusive man named Cal Hockle. Her life takes a turn when she meets Jack, a talented artist on a ship. Unfortunately, the ship hits an iceberg and Jack dies.

3. Forrest Gump (1994)


Forrest Gump, a kind-hearted man with having low IQ, achieves incredible success and narrates his life story while waiting for a bus. He recounts the early years of his life when he found himself in the middle of key historical events. His lifelong love for his friend Jenny remains constant and he wants to reunite with her.

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4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski, a couple undergoes a clinical procedure to erase memories of their relationship after a painful breakup. The story unfolds as Joel realizes that he still loves her deeply while his memories are systematically erased from his mind.

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5. The Princess Bride (1987)


Buttercup, a princess, and his true love Westley, a farm boy are separated by fate. Things take a turn in their lives when Westley becomes the Dread Pirate Roberts and returns to rescue Buttercup from an arranged marriage to the despicable Prince Humperdinck.

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6. Before Sunrise (1995)


Jesse, an American traveler, and Céline, a French student meet on a train and decide to spend a night exploring Vienna together. They engage in deep conversation about love, life, and their philosophies and form a deep connection, despite knowing their time is limited.

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7. Before Sunset (2004)


This film revisits the character of Jesse and Céline, nine years after their initial encounter in Vienna. They cross paths again for a single day in Paris, trying to find out what might have happened if they had acted on their feelings back then. It captures the essence of two souls rediscovering each other and contemplating the undone roads.

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8. The Notebook (2004)


Noah and Allie, two young lovers from different social backgrounds fall madly in love with each other. They are forced to get separated because of societal pressure and World War II, but their love endures.

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9. Veer-Zaara (2004)


Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, a decorated Indian Air Force officer, and Zaara Hayaat Khan, a Pakistani woman from a prominent family cross paths when the former rescues the latter. Love blooms between them during this course of time, but fate tears them apart, and Veer faces unjust imprisonment in Pakistan. Over the years, a determined young lawyer, Saamiya Siddiqui strives to re-unite the star-crossed lovers.

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10. Pride & Prejudice (2005)


Elizabeth Bennett, an independent-minded girl, meets the wealthy, reserved Mr. Darcy, who is also arrogant. Their initial encounters develop misunderstandings and prejudice between them, but soon they become fond of each other and form an unusual relationship.

11. The Family Stone (2005)


Everett brings his girlfriend Meredith home to meet his close-knit family. But, she discovers that she is a misfit at her boyfriend’s Christmas family celebrations and tries to gel up with them.

12. The Holiday (2006)


Two women from different countries swap homes for the holidays and find unexpected love in the process.

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13. Holiday Inn (1942)


Jim Hardy, a performer decides to leave show business and starts a hotel that only opens on holidays. His friend Ted joins him, and they both start to feel affection for the same girl, named Linda. Jim navigates the challenges of running the inn while trying to win Linda’s heart.

14. Love Actually (2003)


It is a movie about eight different love stories happening around Christmas time in London. It shows different sides of love—some happy, some complicated, but all happening during the holiday season.

15. White Christmas (1954)


Bob Wallace and Phil Davis are two singing buddies, who team up with a sister act to save their former army general’s struggling Vermont inn. They put on a big musical show, to bring back the business.

16. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)


A man named Kris claims to be a real Santa Claus. He is hired to work at a department store, but his authenticity is doubted, leading to a court case where his identity as Santa is put to the test. A lawyer and a young girl are determined to prove that he is the real Santa Claus. Delight in heartwarming tales of love, laughter, and the magic of Christmas with these romance Xmas movies.

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17. Christmas In The Clouds (2001)


A resort’s manager mistakes a woman named Tina as a critic sent to evaluate the lodge. Due to this, the hilarious misunderstandings unfold. Meanwhile, employees try to orchestrate romantic encounters, leading to mix-ups and comedic situations.

18. Holiday Affair (1949)


Steve Mason, a war widow and a single mother meets a charming stranger Steve Mason while shopping for Christmas gifts. As their paths intertwine during the holiday season, a gentle romance begins to bloom.

19. Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na (2008)


Childhood friends discover their feelings for each other as they graduate from college and embark on separate paths.

20. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)


A mild-mannered man transforms himself to win the affection of his unassuming wife after she participates in a dance competition.

21. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018)


Childhood friends, Sony and Titu’s friendship goes in turmoil when an innocent Titu decides to marry Sweety, who is after his money. Sonu suspects Sweety and tries to disclose her real intentions in front of Titu.

22. Namastey London (2007)


Jasmeet, a British Indian woman is taken to India for an arranged marriage to Arjun forcefully by her father. Jasmeet is married off to Arjun, but her heart beats for her London-based boyfriend Charlie Brown.

23. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (2017)


Keshav and Jaya get married, but their relationship faces hurdles due to the absence of a toilet in the former’s house. When Jaya confronts the lack of proper sanitation facilities, Keshav embarks on a mission to build a toilet and challenges age-old societal norms and beliefs.

24. Rocky aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani (2023)


Rocky, a Punjabi boy and Rani, a Bengali journalist cross paths with each other to unite their grandfather and grandmother’s long-lost love. During this course, they fall in love with each other, but because of the cultural differences, their family opposes their relationship. To convince their parents, they decide to live with each other’s families for three months before getting married.

25. Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)


Rahul sets up Naina and Rohit because his terminal disease does not allow him to express his love for her.

26. Dear Frankie (2004)


Get ready to jingle through charming plots, witty banter, and unexpected romance, as these Christmas rom-coms unwrap the joy, laughter, and love that make the holiday season truly special. Talking about this rom-com, Lizzy, a single mother responds to her deaf son Frankie’s letters under the identity of his father. When the real circumstances behind the letters become complicated, Lizzie hires a stranger to pose as Frankie’s father for a day.

27. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)


Two young lovers, Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop live on an island and fall in love with each other. They elope in a small New England town. As they embark on their adventure, their disappearance sparks a search involving Suzy’s parents and various quirky characters.

28. The Lunchbox (2013)


Saajan Fernandes, a lonely office worker on the verge of retirement, due to a delivery mix-up receives lunches daily prepared by Ila, which were intended for her husband. An unusual friendship soon develops between the two through a series of heartfelt letters exchanged via lunchbox.

29. Shall We Dance (1996)


John Clark, an overworked lawyer is feeling unfulfilled in his relationship with his wife Beverly. He impulsively signs up for ballroom dance lessons, keeping it a secret from his wife. He soon finds himself captivated by dance instructor Paulina.

30. Stardust (2007)


Tristan Thorn, a young man from a village promises his beloved Victoria to get a star from the magical kingdom of Stormhold, that exists beyond the wall. Trying to keep his promise, he learns about his destiny and encounters witches, pirates, and princesses.

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31. Sense and Sensibility (1995)


Two sisters, Elinor and Marianne face financial struggles after their father’s death. Elinor tries to control her feelings for a guy named Edward, while Marianne falls hard for a charming man named Willoughby.

32. When Harry Met Sally (1989)


Two friends, Harry and Sally, debate whether men and women can be platonic friends without romance getting in the way.

33. Secret (1999)


Ye Xianglun, a high school student discovers a talent for playing the piano by ear. He meets Lu Xiaoyu and together they develop a strong bond through their shared passion for music.

34. The Reader (2008)


Michael Berg, a young man embarks on a passionate affair with an older woman named Hanna Schmitz. Their contact ends, when she suddenly disappears from his life. Years later, Michael, now a law student, discovers that Hanna has a secret past linked to her role as a Nazi prison guard.

35. Devdas (2002)


After his wealthy family refuses to let Devdas marry a girl he loves, he takes up alcohol and a life of vice to numb the pain.

36. Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015)


Dive into a world of enchanting romance and festive cheer with these must-watch good Christmas movies. Coming to this one, Vasudha escapes an abusive marriage and falls in love, only for her ex-husband to return. Aarav accidentally dies in a forest while chasing the flowers that remind him of Vasudha, giving her a reason to continue living without her ex-husband.

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37. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)


Samar falls in love with Meera after he meets her in London. However, he starts working as a bomb specialist in India after Meera rejects him. Akira, a journalist, falls in love with Samar but despite this, she tries to reunite the two lovers.

38. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016)


Alizeh, a woman recovering from heartbreak, meets Ayan, in New York. They start forming an incredible bond and thereon experience love, heartbreaks, and facts of life together.

39. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela (2013)


In this Indian adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Ram and Leela love each other. However, due to a 500-year war between their families, they had to make some sacrifices.

40. Tere Naam (2003)


Radhe is an obsessive and abusive lover who loses his sanity after a gang of hits hit him on his head. He gets sent away from his lover Nirjara and goes through torture to regain his sanity.

41. Aashiqui 2 (2013)


Aarohi attempts to rehabilitate Rahul through his alcoholism, sacrificing her singing career in doing so. Eventually, he understands that he has become a burden in her life. The next day, he commits suicide to remove himself from her life and end his struggle. 

42. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)


Anjali falls in love with her college best friend Rahul. However, Rahul is in love with a new girl Tina, and marries her. Eight years later, Rahul and his late wife Tina’s daughter tries to reunite Anjali with Rahul.

43. October (2018)


Danish Walia, a hotel management intern’s life takes a drastic turn when his friend Shiuli meets with a tragic accident and falls into a coma. Danish becomes deeply involved in Shiuli’s life and soon they develop feelings for each other.

44. Mohabbatein (2000)


Narayan Shankar, a strict headmaster in Gurukul firmly believes in principles and forbids love on campus. However, things take a turn when Raj Aryan, a music teacher encourages students to embrace love and challenges Narayan’s authority.

45. Bajirao Mastani (2015)


Maratha general, Baji Rao, who is married to Kashibai, falls in love with a warrior princess Mastani. They struggle to make their love triumph amid opposition from their families.

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46. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (2006)


Get ready to unwrap a bundle of joy, laughter, and love as these Christmas romantic comedies sprinkle the magic of the festival into every heartfelt and hilarious scene, making your holiday season extra merry and bright. In this movie, Dev and Maya start forming a bond after facing struggles in their marriage. However, they start falling in love with each other instead.

47. Sita Ramam (2022)


Afreen sets off to fulfill her grandfather’s wish of delivering a letter from Ram to Sita, upon returning to Pakistan. On her way, she finds Ram and learns about their love story.

48. Half Girlfriend (2017)


Madhav Jha, a rural boy from Bihar falls in love with an affluent girl, Riya Somani from Delhi. He coaxes her to be his girlfriend, but she is not ready for a serious commitment.

49. Tamasha (2015)


Ved and Tara meet during a vacation in Corsica. They decide to spend time together under the condition of not revealing their true identities. As they part ways, Ved returns to conform to societal norms, while Tara seeks the person she fell in love with.

50. Saajan (1991)


Aman, a talented poet, and Akaash, a street-wise youth both fell in love with the visually impaired girl Pooja. While both of them try to entice Pooja with their romantic actions, the latter has to make a decision.

51. The Fault In Our Stars (2014)


Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager who is suffering from cancer, meets Augustus Waters at a support group. Eventually, they grow fond of each other. Despite their health struggles, they embark on a journey to Amsterdam to meet an author, facing the reality of their limited time together.

52. Jab We Met (2007)


Aditya, a depressed wealthy businessman boards a train and meets a free-spirited girl who transforms his life completely. His perspective of living life completely changes after meeting her.

53. Dil Se.. (1998)


Amar, a radio broadcaster, falls for a mysterious woman who does not reciprocate his feelings. But when Amar prepares to get married to a different woman, she arrives at his doorstep asking for help.

54. Ek Villain (2014)


Guru, a former criminal seeking redemption, and Aisha, a free-spirited girl cross paths and fall in love with each other. When Aisha gets murdered by a serial killer, Guru begins to search for the culprit.

55. Khuda Gawah (1992)


It tells the story of Baadshah Khan, a loyal Afghan who sacrifices everything for the love of his country and a woman named Benazir. Baadshah Khan’s unwavering devotion to Benazir, his patriotism, and his struggles against injustice and treachery form the crux of the movie.

Dive deeper in love during Christmas with these romantic xmas movies.

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