There are just a bunch of shows that are so interesting that we wait for an entire day for just one episode. And, Bigg Boss 16 is one of them. Let’s be honest, we all wait for its fresh new episode each night, right?

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The brand-new season of Bigg Boss has just the right amount of drama and spice. And, we are here to serve the highlights from the recent episode. Let’s go, shall we?

1. Subha ho gayi maamu!

The contestants once again get up to the sound of a blaring alarm. After gathering in the garden area, they sing the now-famous Bigg Boss anthem.

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2. When there’s a new couple in the house.

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta share a cute moment in the washroom area. The former promises the latter that he wouldn’t ever hurt her and says that he has a lot more to lose than her, hinting at his former relationship. He also reveals that there are a lot of shocking revelations that he doesn’t talk about on the show.

3. Do we smell love in the air?

Shalin confesses that he likes Tina to Gautam and the latter states that he knew it from the first day. Later, Gautam sits on the same chair as Tina to tease Shalin. Gautam jokes “ki yeh meri hai“. Shalin says “yeh zaada ho raha hai, haath hata le” as he blushes.

4. Shalin lends a helping hand to Soundarya.

Soundarya asks Gautam to help her with weight training. Shalin jumps into her and helps her into the gym area. In the dining area, Gautam tells Nimrit Kaur that it’s insulting to him.

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5. Bigg Boss calls Gautam into the confession room.

Bigg Boss calls Gautam into the confession room and tells him that the ration should be divided equally, and not as per the choice of the housemates. Later, Gautam conveys the same to the housemates.

6. Shalin pours his feelings in front of Sajid.

Shalin tells Sajid that he’s not a weak soul but he doesn’t wish to go back into his past. Sajid asks him to smile and end the conversation. They hug it out.

7. Abdu, the rockstar!

Bigg Boss plays a video, featuring Abdu Rozik in his song, Chota Bhaijaan. Later, Bigg Boss gives a task to Nimrit and Priyanka to make two separate music videos, as rival directors, on the same song within two hours. Then, Bigg Boss plays both Nimrit and Priyanka’s music videos and asks the contestants to choose the best one. With the maximum votes (8), Priyanka wins the task and Bigg Boss gives her the responsibility to pick bedrooms for the housemates. After a lot of discussions, she divides and finalises the room for each housemate. Later, Bigg Boss calls Priyanka into the confession room and asks her the reasons behind her room division. Bigg Boss praises her for her bold step.

8. Archana fights over the cooking issue.

Archana lashes out at the kitchen team for not preparing food on time and tells the captain that she will cook for herself the next time.

9. MC Stan and Archana lock horns.

Later, MC Stan gets into an argument with Archana and abuses her. He asks her to behave like a woman and stop blaming things on others. After the bickering, she breaks down in front of other housemates and swears on her mother that she isn’t lying. Later in the bedroom, the duo discuss their argument. Archana cries and hugs MC Stan, as he apologises. She requests him not abuse her in the future.

10. Shalin confesses his feelings towards Tina.

Shalin tells Tina that if he gets evicted this week, he’ll look forward to seeing her again. He tells her that he loves her. However, she takes it as a prank. Gautam intervenes and jokingly states that as a captain, he needs to take care of the protection of the women inside the house.

11. Archana pranks Shalin.

The day ends with Archana trying to prank and scare Shalin, as he sleeps at night. Sumbul and Tina help Archana with this prank. However, she fails as he wakes up.

Aage aage dekho hota hai kya!