Bigg Boss has been the favourite show for a number of people, including us. From the most oh-so-dramatic fights and romances to brilliant tasks, the show has got it all.

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While the entire episode was quite interesting, here are the main highlights from the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16. Let’s go, shall we?

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Bigg Boss

1. Shanivaar Ka Vaar!

Salman Khan, the host of the show, makes an entrance on the BB stage and introduces the viewers to the upcoming Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed game in the following episode.

2. Here’s what Sumbul has to say.

The show starts with Shalin clarifying himself in front of Sumbul. He says that he cannot afford to create such a bad image in the media as he has a six-year-old son, who’s watching this show. Tina Datta also joins their conversation. Sumbul says that they both are her closest friends in the house and they should stay away from her if she’s causing a problem in their lives. Sumbul cries and reveals that she cannot hurt her father, ever and therefore, she can’t stay as close as she was earlier with Shalin and Tina. Tina says that they were just concerned about her. Nimrit and Soundarya console Sumbul as she sobs. Later, the trio – Shalin, Tina and Sumbul – hold hands and decide to put an end to this argument.

3. Soundarya feels sorry.

Soundarya apologises to Ankit for her insensitive statement about his mother and Priyanka.

4. Salman’s advice to Sumbul.

Salman tells Sumbul that she mistook her father’s advice by forgiving Shalin and Tina. In response, Sumbul says that she never wants to hurt her father but she’s confused. Salman tells her that she can always ask her fellow contestants for help as they are experienced and will always be there for her.

5. ‘Saam‘ – Priyanka VS Nimrit.

The host introduces the first part – Saam, which means balance. In this task, he asks housemates to name the contestant between Priyanka Chahar and Nimrit who’s playing the better game. A weighing scale is placed before them and the housemates vote by dropping a ‘thumbs up’ block in the favour of their preferred contestant. In the end, Priyanka wins the task.

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6. Sidharth Malhotra and Rakulpreet Singh’s smashing entry.

The duo enter the house for promoting their upcoming movie, Thank God. They interact with the housemates and have a fun chat with them. Salman pulls Sidharth’s legs by congratulating him on his soon-to-be wedding. The actors ask a couple of housemates to dance together including Nimrit-Abdu, Shalin-Tina and Ankit-Priyanka. The last couple was praised by everyone for their chemistry.

7. ‘Daam‘ – The new task for Abdu-Sajid.

The Thank God actors give a new task to the housemates. They reveal that the contestants will need to do some tough activities for receiving something good in return. They first ask Abdu Rozik and Sajid to bring eight items from all the rooms in the house, in order to get pizzas and burgers in return. They successfully complete the task and receive the scrumptious dishes.

8. MC Stan and his love for chains.

Next, they ask MC Stan to count his chains and then throw his chains in a basket. However, they reveal that they were just messing around. Then, they asked him to hand over some chains that has nakli, asli, fuski and vat labels on them to a suitable housemate. He gives the chains to Shalin, Sajid, Sumbul and Shiv respectively. In return, he receives a voice message from his mother.

9. ‘Dand‘ – Salman schools Shalin for his misbehaviour.

Salman then asks the housemates to name a contestant who deserves to be punished. With six votes, Shalin emerges as the most-voted character and is asked to sit on a special seat by the host. Shalin expresses his feelings with his statements, shared with Nimrit, regarding Sumbul. He apologises to Sumbul’s father for his actions. Salman gives an earful to Shalin for his attitude during the week. He also tells him that he should be thankful to the makers for this opportunity rather than being arrogant. He also scolded him for his rude behaviour towards the doctor who was sent to treat him earlier this week.

10. Chhello Show’s Bhavin makes an appearance on the show.

The child actor from the Oscar-nominated Gujrati movie Chhello Show, Bhavin, blindfolds Salman and tells him to taste and guess the scrumptious Gujrati dishes.

11. ‘Bhed‘ – The first evicted contestant is…

The host makes an entry back into the house and names all the nominated contestants for this week. He reveals that Sreejita is evicted from the show. She’s the first person to be evicted from this season.

12. Sumbul reveals that she has no feelings for Shalin.

Shalin asks Sumbul if she has feelings for him, to which she says no. He says that he’ll always be there for her, as a friend. He also requests her to forget everything that happened during the previous day. Sumbul narrates their conversation to Nimrit, Soundarya and Gautam. Nimrit says that Tina was embarrassed about her actions.

13. Tina requests Gautam to sort things out with Shalin.

Tina tells Gautam that Shalin was crying earlier and requests him to talk to Shalin once. Gautam tells Nimrit and Soundarya that he has clarified everything with Shalin and now he cannot explain himself any further.

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