Bigg Boss 16 is now a crucial part of our lives as it has been making us sit in front of our television screens each night. The show has got it all – fights, romance, gossip and well, a truckload of drama.

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While the entire episode was quite interesting, here are the main highlights from the recent episode of Bigg Boss 16. Let’s check these out, shall we?

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1. The alarm is back.

The contestants once again get up to the sound of a blaring alarm. After gathering in the garden area, they sing the now-famous Bigg Boss anthem.

2. Archana’s advice to Gautam.

Archana told Gautam that he shouldn’t pretend to be someone else and should be genuine. Later, Gautam gathered everyone in the living area and divided all the duties amongst the housemates.

3. Sumbul needs to take a decision.

Nimrit slams Shalin in front of Sumbul, Soundarya and Gautam for his statements. On the other hand, Shalin told Tina that he wants Sumbul to be happy as she’s really confused right now. Later, Sumbul asks Shalin what did he and Tina do behind her back. Shalin tells her that everyone has been telling him that Sumbul likes him. However, he didn’t reveal any names.

4. Gautam lashes out at Tina.

Gautam lashed out at the housemates for throwing their jackets on the ground in the garden area. Later, in the washroom, Gautam scolds Tina for her jacket lying outside. Tina started crying as he wasn’t supportive of her earlier. He hugs and consoles her.

5. Shalin clarifies himself.

Sumbul tells Gautam that she doesn’t know why everyone thinks that she likes Shalin. Gautam tells her that she made everyone think that with her statements. She later clarifies things with Shalin. Later, Shalin tells Tina that Sumul is hurt and also gets angry with Gautam for telling Sumbul things and creating an issue between them. Later, Shalin tells Gautam that he has lost all faith in him and Gautam asks him to not show his attitude. Gautam asks Shalin to stop acting like a child and grow up. Nimrit asks Shalin to stop acting like a ‘bechara‘ all the time and accept who he really is. In another room, Soundarya tells MC Stan and Abdu that Shalin purposely kissed her to make Gautam feel bad. Sometime later, Sumbul tells Sajid that she never had any feelings for Shalin. Sajid reminds her about what her father said.

6. Shalin needs a promise from Tina.

Shalin asks Tina to never play with him. Tina promises him the same.

7. Archana VS Manya.

Archana and Manya indulge in a heated argument after the former makes a comment on the performance of Manya and Gori.

8. Sajid’s advice to Abdu.

Sajid advises Abdu that he should only care about the public and not the housemates. The director told him that there are bad as well as good contestants in the house.

9. Shekhar Suman is back with the big bulletin.

The actor is back with his chat session and talks about different relationships in the house. Talking about the changing equations between the contestants, he starts talking about all the relationships in the house. He first talks about Sajid-Abdu and calls them guru-chella. He then asks the duo to rate the bodies of different housemates. He then asks them the least entertaining contestant in the house and Sajid names Manya. Shekhar then advises Manya to be more active in the house. The host tells Sumbul that she has become the symbol of tears. He then asks Tina to repeat some sentences after him, involving a mockery towards her relationship with Shalin. He also interacts with Archana, Gautam and MC Stan.

10. In conversation with Nimrit and Shiv.

The duo are called into Shekhar’s room for viewers’ opinions. A viewer tells Nimrit that she is playing on the back foot. In response, Nimrit said that she knows why she is here and she has her own identity. Upon asking Shiv why has he lost his individuality in the house, he said that to play a long-lasting game, one needs to sometime take a foot backwards. They both reveal that love relations are important in the house. Another viewer asked Nimrit about her contradicting statement on groupism and to this, she said that she spends time with everyone. Shiv says that there are different groups in the house and everyone should accept it. Priyanka says that she is not a part of any group. Manya says that there is groupism in the house and she feels left out. Sajid says that he’s not a part of any group and they are all ‘roomies’. He also says that there’s a group of successful television actors who know each other and stick to each other. Later, Gautam and Nimrit express their displeasure about his ‘television stars’ statement. Tina tells MC Stan that they are not just ‘television stars’ but are actors. MC Stan informs the same to Sajid.

11. Shiv’s advice to the housemates.

Shekhar asks Shiv to give advice to other housemates as a former Bigg Boss winner. He tells Gautam to focus on his game, along with his relationships and love. He tells Nimrit to never pull anyone down to push herself up. He tells Tina to clear her mind. He jokes that Ankit is perfect.

12. Manya’s feelings for Gautam.

Manya confesses to Nimrit that she likes Gautam but she won’t say anything.

13. MyGlamm’s Face Of The Season.

Tina tells the audience that viewers will vote for the ‘Face Of The Season’ and currently Tina is winning the race, followed by Nimrit and Priyanka.

14. Tina and MC Stan VS the house.

The housemates get pissed with Tina and MC Stan for not performing their duties. The captain of the house, Gautam, scolds both of them.

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