Bigg Boss 16 airing on Colors TV and Voot Select is one of the most-watched shows on Indian television. It has been two weeks now since the show first aired on television. As time passes, the drama on the show is slowly simmering. We have witnessed some groups and alliances forming in the house, some budding romances, and some budding rivalries. The best side of the sixteen contestants is yet to come out. With two weeks, fans are glued to the show and we can’t help but wait eagerly for the Day 13 episode of Bigg Boss 16 that will be telecasted tonight.

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Bigg Boss knows our excitement and has dropped the promo of the upcoming episode on their social media handles. Before we get into the details of what tonight’s episode has in store for us, let’s refresh on what happened on the show the previous week.

1. Cupid has struck the Bigg Boss 16 contestants.

There has to be some romance brewing in the Bigg Boss house, always. The audience can see the romance that is blossoming between Sumbul and Shalin. Gautam was spotted flirting with Soundarya in the kitchen. Priyanka and Ankit have got fans rooting for them after they were seen eating from the same plate.

2. Week 2 has given us a new captain.

Nimrit Kaur was appointed as the captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house in the first week. The Choti Sarrdaarni star worked tirelessly to regulate the house. Some contestants found her captaincy biased and unfair. Now in the second week, Gautam Vig is appointed as the captain of the house. We are eager to see what Gautam’s captaincy has in store for the contestants.

3. The budding friendship between Abdu and Shiv.

No one can rely on anyone in the Bigg Boss house when it comes to performing their best during the task. But the friendship between Abdu Rozik and Shiv has totally wowed the audience. While the dynamics of every other group change with each passing hour, this friendship has given us a new freshness. We can only wait and see how far this alliance goes.

Now that we are done with the recap, let’s focus on what we can expect from tonight’s episode in the Bigg Boss 16 house:

1. The drama intensifies.

Shalin kisses Soundarya and that proves to be a ground for some budding drama. House captain Gautam slams Shalin for kissing her. Later Soundarya confronts Gautam for his behaviour. She questions his possessive nature and slams him by saying, “Pati hai kya mera?”. Ankit Gupta, on the other hand, drops some bombs and might reveal some game plans.

2. Shalin’s kiss has irked Tina.

Tina Datta shares how she felt after Shalin kissed Soundarya. The kiss did not go well with her and she shares her candid thoughts with Soundarya. This comes after Shalin said he liked Tina. Tina’s actions have made Shalin rethink his actions.

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What’s going to happen between Tina and Shalin? What is Gautam going to bring into the house? How is Soundarya going to cope after what Tina told her? Well, you can catch all of this and even more on the thirteenth episode of Bigg Boss that airs tonight. Stay tuned!