The weekend is almost around the corner, and this calls for shukravaar ka vaar in Bigg Boss 16. Today we’ll have Salman Khan on the show guiding the contestants of their game in the BB house.

A lot has happened in the week in the  Bigg Boss house- followed by changing captaincies, Diwali celebrations, entertaining tasks, and nominations. The show, as we always say, stores lots of fun, drama, romance, and entertainment for us. 

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Last night, BB house turned into a girls’ and boys’ hostel, and it was a fun watch. We also saw two closest friends, Archana and Priyanka, getting into a massive fight in the kitchen. Before we tell you what to expect in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, let’s do a quick recap of this adventurous week!

1. Shalin and Tina saw a thunderstorm in their relationship.

Shalin and Tina are among the most competitive contestants in the house. They have maintained a bond on the show that has raised many eyebrows but they remain unharmed from it. However, the Bigg Boss house makes it easy for no one, and even the two had a little cold war in the house. The bedroom allotment task created tension between them and they later sorted things out.

2. Archana and Gori got into multiple feuds.

Not just once, but the two always seem to get into a fight. Be it for avocados or anything else there’s always tension between the two. When Archana became the captain of the house, Gori made sure she would give her a hard time. We saw them getting into a verbal spat and abusing each other, it also somewhere led to physical violence.

3. What happened to the friends in the BB house?

Nimrit and Gautam were buddies of the BB house as they supported each other in their games. But this friendship too went through a rough patch and Nimrit told Gautam to be there for his friends.

3. Abdu Rozik is the best entertainer in the BB house.

Abdu so far has been the most entertaining contestant in the BB house. From making the cutest conversations with Tina to giving us his little performances in between the episodes, we think he’s playing the best game. Recently, Abdu declared he has a crush in the house and that’s Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. He was seen performing for her and he totally nailed it.

4. Shalin and Gautam discuss Soundarya’s behavior.

Gautam and Soundarya’s love story looks complicated not just to them but to everyone else in the house. We saw a huge discussion about their relationship on the show and Karan Johar called it out to be fake. Shalin was supportive of Gautam and gave some tips to him about this situation.

5. Nimrit and Soundarya get a quirky task.

As we said, Bigg Boss has upped his game with punishments and tasks this season. Nimrit and Soundarya are often seen talking in English on the show and Bigg Boss had a quirky punishment for them.

6. Shalin and Sumbul are not friends anymore?

Throughout the week, we saw a lot of things happening between the two. Shalin took a stand for Sumbul and fought with Gautam for her. Sumbul gave him a heads-up about Tina. Now nominations have changed things between them and we wait to see what happens in the coming week.

Coming back to what we expect in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, here are some things you can witness on the show today.

1. Salman Khan thinks Sumbul is not participating.

The housemates gave two names for the least participating contestants in the house- Manya and Sumbul. Today in ‘shukravaar ka vaar’ Salman said the same thing and pointed out that Sumbul is nowhere to be seen in the BB house.

2. Captaincy in the Bigg Boss house.

We all know it’s hard to maintain captaincy in the Bigg Boss house and the nomination task has made things worse. In the coming week, we see what captaincy in the Bigg Boss house would look like.

3. Salman Khan thinks Ankit is forced to be on the show.

We will see Salman taking Ankit’s class on his involvement in the house. He will ask Ankit if he wants to be a part of the Bigg Boss house or if he is kidnapped from somewhere. We sense a lot of tension in the house but what remains constant is entertainment.

We will have Salman Khan on the show today interacting with the contestants about their games and strategies. It looks like an interesting episode to watch and we will soon be coming with live updates from today’s episode.

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