Are you a text person or a call person? Well either way, we have some fun texting games you should definitely try.  

I mean, who knows, the next time you are stuck at home, at least you will have something to keep you entertained. All you need is your phone and someone to chat with. 

Here are fun texting games you should try now!

1. Share an old picture and ask them to guess the story behind it.

Your phone gallery can take you down to thousands of memories. Share a picture with your partner, ask them to guess the story or moment behind it. This picture-sharing game will remind you of some of the best moments in your life. 

2.  Who’s the bigger movie/TV show fan?

Prove you are the biggest fan. We all watch series & movies, it’s a part of our routine now. Start asking random questions about some common movies you have watched. Like, how many seasons does  F.R.I.E.N.D.S have? It can get really engaging. 

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3. Share your most unpopular opinions with each other.

Be ready to get all opinionated! Pick a topic: food, music, politics, etc, and share your unpopular opinion on that topic. You can keep adding new topics, in the end, you have a list. Now go create memes with it. 

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4. Build a story by writing a sentence each.

No, you don’t need to be a writer for this one. In fact, it’s more fun when you are not. Pick a story, write it down in one sentence and build it further with your partner. Don’t think much, just let it flow naturally.

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5. Play a text version of ‘I Spy’.

This game is surely testing your creativity. Choose a place you want to spy, it could be your room, kitchen, bathroom anything. Now text your partner what you are spying on like, ‘I spy something dark’. Let your partner guess what it is.

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6.  Play ‘Would You Rather’ on text.

Now this one can get tough. Give your partner a situation and ask them what they will do in it. For instance, would you rather choose to be with someone who cheated on you or leave them?

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7. How well do you know your abbreviations?

We like in a world where Oh my god is Omg, TL, DR (Too long; didn’t read) or NBD (no big deal) the list goes on. Do you want to know them all? play this game. Go ahead, create your own language here. 

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8. Kiss, marry, kill

This is just like that Koffee with Karan rapid fire round. You need to choose who you will kiss, marry, and kill. It gets fun when you give difficult options to your partner.

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9. Fill in the blanks

Remember filling those blanks in your exams and hoping you get options? Then that’s it, you already know about this game. Ask your partner some incomplete sentences you want answers to ( don’t give them options). 

10.  How well do you know your friends?

Be aware! This is your test. See how well your partner knows you, ask them questions about you. Like, how did guys meet, what’s your comfort food, etc.

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11. Talk in emojis

I am so glad we have emojis, it truly helps while chatting. Send your partner a sequence of emojis, and ask them to decipher it. For instance, send an emoji of a laptop and sleepy head, so they know you are sleepy & still working.

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12. Truth or Dare

How could I not mention this, yes you can play this on text too. You already know the rules, but ask them to share proof to see they went through with it.

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13. Don’t let the questions stop.

Answer a question with a question. All you need to do is make sure you don’t answer any questions. Like, how are you? how do you think I am? 

14. Be your favourite singer.

Let the song tell how you feel. Do you feel all romantic? pick a song related to it and sing it with your partner. Like, tu kisi rail si guzarti hai let your partner complete it main kisi pul sa.. thartharata hoon.

15. Never have I ever.

And how could I end it without this one? It’s a great game to spill those secrets out. I’ll go first, never have I created a fake account to stalk my ex.  

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