A lot of thought and preparation goes into popping the million dollar question and declaring your love for someone in front of the entire world. And, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

So today, we are looking into viral wedding proposals that were so romantic and dreamy, it left the internet teary eyed and gave us butterflies in our stomach.

1. This guy proposed to his girlfriend on live television during the India-Australia match and it was all kinds of romantic. 

During the second innings of the Ind-Aus match people witnessed something beautiful and romantic. A video of a man sporting an Indian jersey and proposing to his girlfriend with the Australian jersey in front of a huge crowd and many cameras went viral recently and it was the sweetest thing that we saw on the internet. Of course, she said ‘yes’.

2. This guy proposed to his girlfriend in the most creative way. He did so by hacking his girlfriend’s favourite Disney movie, The Sleeping Beauty. 

Lee Loechler, a man from Massachusetts proposed to his high school sweetheart Sthuthi David via her favourite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. He spent six months trying to animate himself and his girlfriend into the most iconic scene of the movie, where Prince Phillip wakes Princess Aurora with a kiss. The sweet proposal went viral on the internet and we are happy that Lee’s hard work and effort paid off in the end. 

3. This man’s proposal went viral after he accidentally burnt down the house after lighting 100 candles while proposing to his girlfriend. 

Well, this marriage proposal wasn’t the most ideal one but it did go viral. A man in Sheffield planned the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, but things got out of hand when he left a 100 candles unattended and his apartment caught fire. But all’s well that ends well, right? The house was saved and so was the proposal. Yes, when the man finally decided to pop the question after all the chaos, his girlfriend said ‘yes’!

4. This 76-year-old man proposed to his 71-year-old girlfriend after she was hospitalised during the pandemic, proving to us that you are never too old to fall in love. 

This viral wedding proposal taught us that we are never really too old to find ‘the one’ and fall in love all over again. 76-year-old Jeffrey Miller met 71-year-old Gloria Alexis at a US care centre and they immediately fell in love. But, when Gloria was hospitalised during the pandemic, Jeffrey decided to pop the question as he didn’t want to wait anymore and she said ‘yes’.

5. This Indian fan proposed to his girlfriend during the India-Pakistan match and it was all kinds of adorable. 

In 2019, a video of an Indian man proposing to his girlfriend, Anvita J during an India-Pak match in the stands went viral on social media and the internet was left in ‘awe’. Thankfully, everything turned out well; both, for the Indian cricket team on the field and the couple in the stands. 

6. This man dressed up as Aladdin proposed to his ‘Jasmine’ in real life at a musical and the internet saw a Disney fairytale come to life.

This viral marriage proposal was nothing less than a fairytale. During the curtain call of their play, Matthew Pomeroy, who plays Aladdin, asked his girlfriend who plays Jasmine, to marry him. Just when the two actors finished their performance, Matthew went down on one knee and asked his girlfriend, Natasha to be his wife and she said ‘yes’. 

7. This guy proposed to his girlfriend during the 2nd India-England ODI at the Lord’s cricket ground in London. 

This Indian guy proposed to his girlfriend during the second innings of the India-England match that was held in 2018. India lost the cricket match, but this man’s proposal on live TV at Lord’s in front of a huge crowd won cheers and applauses. Sure, India lost the game that day but thankfully, someone went home happy.

8. This Bengaluru guy went viral for an out-of-the box proposal. He popped the question and proposed to his girlfriend on the longest zipline in the world. 

A guy from Bengaluru named Adrian Marcus Mackay proposed to his girlfriend Susan Kuruvilla on the world’s longest zipline in Jebel Jais, UAE. When Susan was suspended 80-metre high on a platform, Adrian went down on one knee with a big ‘Will you marry me?’ banner behind him. Of course, Adrian had no clue and she was surprised but, she eventually said ‘yes’.

9. This viral video of a pilot proposing to his flight attendant girlfriend on the plane melted many hearts. 

While doing the routine briefing pilot Jon Emerson surprised everyone by introducing his girlfriend Lauren Michele Gibbs to all the passengers and asking her to marry him on board the plane flying from Detroit to Oklahoma City. Lauren, who was part of the cabin crew, was visibly overwhelmed with the surprise proposal but she said ‘yes’. 

10. This man proposed to his girlfriend, a cancer survivor, on live TV and it was heartwarming.

In 2016, a man named Jarrod proposed to his girlfriend Tara, a cancer survivor, during a live telecast of the Australian TV show The Project. Jarrod took to the stage to tell the world just what a strong woman Tara is, and how much she means to him before going down on one knee and popping the question. Well, it was a happy ending after all. 

To new beginnings and happy endings!