From content to casting, web series have surpassed Bollywood in multiple ways. And now it appears that even when it comes to sequels, web series have an edge over Bollywood. 

Bollywood has made sequels just for the heck of it. Rohit Shetty’s cop universe, the many Dabanggs, the never-ending Housefulls, and many more films are proof of that. But web series delivered sequels that were interesting, actually took the story forward, and even had us falling back in love with the show. Here’s a look at some of the finest web series sequels: 

1. Mirzapur 2

The second season was bloodier than the first, moving on from being just another tale of power to a layered revenge saga. Yes, parts of it did feel forced, but the overall effect was one that hooked our interest right till the end – and intrigued us enough that we were researching theories for Season 3 while sneakily revisiting season 1.


2. Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story

Technically a prequel, Special Ops 1.5 built on the premise set by Special Ops, while taking us through the ‘origin story’, so to say, of RAW officer Himmat Singh (Kay Kay Menon). Intense, interesting, and boasting of brilliant performances, Special Ops delivered in just 4 short episodes, what movies have failed to deliver in even 4 sequels – a brilliant story. 

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3. The Family Man 2

Easily one of the finest sequels on the list, The Family Man 2 was one of the few sequels to introduce new characters and a different plotline – but merge it perfectly with the first season. It was entertaining and packed the same humor and suspense that made season 1 such a hit. At the same time, it also upped the ante when it came to scripting relatable moments and terrifying villains. A brilliant series indeed. 

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4. Little Things

Little Things is one of the few shows on the list to have more than 2 seasons. And with each season, the show only kept getting better and more nuanced – just as Dhruv and Kavya’s relationship matured, so did the show’s storytelling. Endearing, heartfelt, and realistic, Little Things delivered a better love story, across all 4 seasons, than most mainstream rom-coms. 

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5. What The Folks

What The Folks deserves far more love and attention than it has received because it is one of the few shows to talk about how marriage is never just about the partners in India. It’s also about the families! With each season, the show dealt with topics common to most married couples. Honest and hilarious, What The Folks is an underrated gem among Indian web series. 

6. Permanent Roommates

Mikesh and Tanya were everyone’s favourite fictional couple when Permanent Roommates first came out, and with season 2, the love people had for the show only grew. Maybe it was because of their earnestness, or perhaps because it was one of the first times that a fictional couple actually felt relatable, but Permanent Roommates was quick to make a permanent place in our hearts! 


7. Gullak

A sweet, hilarious, and nostalgia-fuelled ride to our childhood, Gullak is a delightful comedy. Far away from the regressive, vulgar tropes Bollywood uses in the name of comedy, Gullak delivered adorable characters and colloquial dialogues across both seasons. And seasons 2 and 3 were proof of how it did not sacrifice subtle messaging or emotional depth in the name of comedy. 

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8. Pushpavalli

Not only is Pushpavalli an exceptionally unique tale, but it also gave us a protagonist far different than Bollywood’s idea of female protagonists or independent women. With season 2, the show actually became much more dark and complex. And yet it retained the brand of humor that made it an instant hit with the audience. It’s peak black comedy and one that reveals something new with each repeat viewing.


9. Adulting

Most slice-of-life comedies tend to focus on families or romantic partners. But not only are our friends responsible for keeping us sane, they are also often, one of the most important parts of our adult lives. Adulting, which deals with the misadventures of two flatmates and friends, nails this aspect across both of its seasons. 


10. Panchayat

One of the finest dramedies to emerge from the world of Indian web series, Panchayat is a must-watch. A talented star cast, exceptional storytelling, relatable characters, and realistic dialogues make this a web series you hate to binge-watch – because you don’t want it ending too soon. Season 2, which delved into greater emotional depth and yet kept alive the series’ intrinsic humor, has made Panchayat a real crowd favourite. 


Is there an Indian web series with a kickass sequel that you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.