No matter how much we try, it’s nearly impossible to summarise 2020. So many things happened in this one year that we almost lost track of time.

We tried to put together the pictures that defined 2020 in a nutshell because every picture tells a story. And 2020 has a long one to tell.

1. 38-year-old migrant worker stranded at the UP border who was trying to reach his home in Bihar on knowing about his 1-year-old son’s death.

2. This heartbreaking image of a child sleeping on a suitcase as his mother dragged it forward when migrants were returning to their villages during lockdown.


3. A senior doctor feeding his patient in the absence of his relatives.

4. An 87-year-old coronavirus patient watching the sunset with his doctor outside a hospital in Wuhan.

5. Crew members of SpaceX made their way to the International Space Station.

6. Sonu Sood arranged for buses so migrant workers could go back to their homes during the lockdown.

7. Snow-capped peaks of Dhauladhar ranges were visible from Jalandhar during lockdown.

8. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the US elections.


9. A nurse resting on the floor wearing a PPE kit at a COVID care centre in Assam.


10. A kid sleeping on the road as migrant families walked home due to lockdown.

The Wire Marathi

11. A nurse at a hospital in Italy fell asleep exhausted in full protective gear.

the daily beast

12. Farmers braving the cold while protesting the farm bills passed by the Centre.

13. Women farmers braving the cold and water cannons to stand in protest against the new farm laws.


14. Viola and Electra, the adorable same-sex penguin couple became parents after adopting an egg.

15. NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, unveiled an incredibly diverse cabinet including the country’s first openly gay Deputy PM as well as its first woman and Maori Foreign Minister.

The Guardian

16. An explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, killed at least 205 people and injured 6,500 people.


17. Locals braved COVID-19 scare and rain to help save lives of passengers on an Air India flight that crash-landed at the Kozhikode airport.


18. Family of migrant workers were spotted walking with their pets, refusing to abandon their pets at any cost.


19. Two widowed penguins who comfort each other all the time.

20. Chennai cop wore a coronavirus helmet to raise awareness about the disease.


21. Farmers cooked food on roads to feed the needy and themselves during the ongoing farmers protest.


22. BJP held a virtual rally in Bihar before the state elections.

Indian Express

23. Food and clothes of migrant workers killed in a train accident while they were sleeping on the tracks.

The Hindu

24. For the first time in 7 years, Olive Ridley turtles were seen nesting during the daytime on an Odisha beach during lockdown.


25. The water of the Yamuna river turned transparent in Mathura for the first time in 42 years during lockdown.


26. Resident doctors at a Delhi hospital went on a hunger strike because of non-payment of salaries for months.


27. MS Dhoni’s retirement from international cricket.

28. 4 Nirbhaya case convicts were hanged to death at the Tihar jail.

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29. Multiple protests and destruction of property took place in North-East Delhi over the controversial CAA and NRC.


30. The Pentagon officially released three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

31. Widespread bushfires in Australia destroyed hectares of forests and killed approx. 1 billion animals.


32. India witnessed its worst locust invasion in decades, spreading through Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat and Delhi NCR.

Indian Express

33. Death of George Floyd, an African-American man in the US, sparked ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests across the world.

The Guardian

34. An explosion at the natural oil well in Assam’s Baghjan led to a massive fire that spread to nearby areas and killed numerous animals.

The Hindu

35. This teacher made a makeshift tripod to conduct online classes for students during the pandemic.


36. Undertaker retired from wrestling.

37. Suresh Raina announced retirement from all forms of international cricket.

38. Skies in California turned orange-red due to an unprecedented fire season.

39. Anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh continued in 2020.

Deccan Herald